Palmaris Racing


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to offer the best available product and technology for the Most addictive Hobby in the world. Before we were businessmen, we were racers. Before we were CEO's, we were Pitmen. We want to offer only the products we ourselves would use to race and win.




BRB Special Bronze Alloy

Parts made out of this alloy are high heat resistant, have very low heat expansion rate, and does not change original geometry under high heat. BRB is an alloy which has mechanical properties of spring type steel.

Sleeves made out of BRB do not "balloon" in top dead center area over time.


Palmaris Racing piston is an aluminum alloy containing 27% silicon which makes piston lighter and a lot less friction. It helps keep original geometry under high temperatures.

Connecting Rod

Palmaris Racing connecting rods are made out of super strong aluminum alloy. The bushings in the rods are made out bronze which were developed in the aerospace industry for high heat and high RPM applications.


Palmaris Racing crankshafts are made out of steel which gave us the possibility for surface hardening upto 62 points of rockwell scale. In the mean time, main body of crankshaft is not brittle. Palmaris Racings uses high technology balancing in all of its Crankshafts.

Bi-Metal Sleeve

The Palmaris Racing bi-metal sleeve is an absolutly new development in any nitro engine application. by using bi-metal technology, we are able to provide better control of expansion by the length of the sleeve. Fusions of two metals together is a high tech welding technology developed by world famous Profi. This welding is able to withstand high vibration, high pressure, and high temperature while maintaining original geometry.


All parts are made on CNC machines with very high  tolerances quality control. every single piston / Liner set is individually fitted to the best possible fitting. Due to the materials and technology Palmaris Racing uses, our parts require minimum run in period, which saves a lot of time and fuel for the racers. 

To design all our products, we are using state of the art CAD and simulation software's.